Loveskills ‘Pure’ EP OUT NOW via No Shame

loveskills-pure-epNew York City’s electro-pop wizard Loveskills has officially released his new EP, Pure, today (11/4), via No Shame. After months of re-watching the music video for “Fine Lines” (premiered on Vice’s THUMP) and keeping his Smashing Pumpkins cover “Luna” (debuted on Prefix Mag) on repeat, the full record is finally available to be heard.

If you want a taste of Pure, PopMatters is streaming the record IN ITS ENTIRETY, at this link. Aside from just the stream, there’s a really great writeup. In it they say:

Pure EP, his latest offering, is replete with falsetto vocals, sensuous synth arrangements, and plenty of wicked beats to boot. Beginning with a cover of the Smashing Pumpkins’ “Luna”, the EP is a short but nonetheless clear declaration of Loveskills’ sonic MO.”

Pure is the followup to Loveskills 2013 Multiplicity EP. Spitzer described the album to Ghetto Blaster as, “an attempt in creating pure music that is also accessibly pop, centered all the material around that innocent naive inner day-dream voice that somehow still exists. That’s where a lot of my music stems from.”

Check out the album art and tracklist below, and be sure to keep an eye out for some more eye candy from Loveskills in the coming weeks!

Get it from iTunes here! 

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